AFO brace for cerebral palsy

Turbomed Orthotics is the answer to all movement-related problems due to cerebral palsy for your children or loved ones. No matter the condition or your child’s profile, we’ll provide you with the best orthotic. Talk to our experts to find the AFO brace for cerebral palsy you need.

Using AFO braces for cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition of the upper motor neurons and appears before the age of five. It manifests in various postural and movement problems. To make life easier for affected children, researchers have studied the usefulness of AFOs in treating each form of cerebral palsy.

Effect on hemiplegic cerebral palsy

Hemiplegic cerebral palsy is a form of paralysis that affects either the left or the right side of the body. It can be caused by brain damage that may result from a stroke (CVA) or a congenital malformation. As a result of this pathology, children have difficulty moving, and using an orthotic becomes necessary, especially to achieve a symmetrical gait and a fuller stride.

According to the studies, the child will therefore need less effort to walk with an orthotic. Using an AFO brace for cerebral palsy can also affect the child’s self-esteem. Noting their rapid improvement, a child with hemiplegia will have more confidence in their abilities. For these reasons, wearing AFO braces for cerebral palsy is essential.

Effect on diplegic cerebral palsy

Diplegic cerebral palsy is a form of infantile paralysis that is often more severe than hemiplegia. It manifests as a variety of muscle disorders affecting both of the child’s lower limbs. The results of using orthotics depend on the condition’s expression. Generally, studies have shown that AFO braces for cerebral palsy impact step and stride length.

In some cases, orthotics have improved knee flexion and the overall gait of the affected child. Orthotics are less effective for patients with the most severe cases of spastic diplegia. That’s why our splints are a safer choice. Because they’re the best on the market, they ensure better results for your child.

Usefulness for mixed cohorts’ cerebral palsy

Patients may have both hemiplegic and diplegic cerebral palsy. These mixed cohorts entail the most advanced cases of the disease. In these cases, using orthotics may also be beneficial. According to studies performed, the primary positive data is the improvement in the Range of Motion (ROM) of the affected knee. This improvement makes children more comfortable with their gait and posture.

Using an AFO brace for cerebral palsy that fits the child’s condition exactly is necessary for best results. Choosing our custom AFO orthotics will increase your child’s opportunities in pursuing life.

Choose an AFO for cerebral palsy that covers every cases

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Choosing the cerebral palsy AFO brace by Turbomed

Because of the many orthotics available and the difficulty you may have in choosing one that suits your child, Turbomed Orthotics is the most flexible solution. Our orthotics will help with achieving almost any result your child desires in managing cerebral palsy. As studies have shown, our AFO braces can be used to:

  • Supporting the child’s legs during exercise, regardless of position
  • Supporting weak muscles
  • Correcting improper alignment of the child’s skeleton
  • Correcting gait and posture
  • Preventing muscle imbalances and deformities
  • Preventing accidents

In short, using a cerebral palsy AFO brace by Turbomed provides the child with sufficient support. Their problems will be corrected, and they will be protected from various future risks associated with cerebral palsy. If you choose to rely on our AFO orthotics, your child will get their smile back, as well as confidence in movement, and that’s exactly why we created the X-Tern.

What kind of cerebral palsy AFO brace fits your child’s needs?

Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes limited mobility. Researchers have done studies that found that their quality of life can be improved. The only solution is following an intensive program with various treatments, which can extend through the child’s lifetime.

To support the child’s effort following this intense rehabilitation program, doctors advise using a cerebral palsy AFO brace. By using the AFO that fits your child’s pathology, it will be easier to go through rehabilitation while obtaining quick results.

That way, your mission as a parent is to make the right choice of cerebral palsy AFO brace. To help you get there, our experts will listen to your concerns. All you have to do is ask, and we’ll help you choose the type of orthotic that will help your child.

Type 1: An articulated AFO orthotic

An articulated orthotic is a flexible brace with various joints. It is the only type of orthotic that allows dorsiflexion and plantar bending. It is therefore the most agreeable orthotic to wear. However, it is not suitable for the most severe cases of cerebral palsy. Some complications from the disease require more stable orthotics.

In these cases, wearing articulated orthotics is not recommended. Our experts will offer you honest advice. With the options it offers, you can make your child’s articulated orthotics more rigid so that they have ease of movement and enough support for their condition. Thus, Turbomed X-Tern is suitable for most cases. Calling us won’t be a waste of your time.

Type 2: An AFO leaf spring

The AFO leaf spring brace is a flexible orthotic that improves balance on the ground. It is very useful in cases of mild cerebral palsy, as it primarily offers support and postural correction in the swing phase of walking. However, this orthotic is not useful at all in cases of advanced spasticity. It is actually less sturdy than rigid AFOs and less flexible than articulated AFOs.

As a result, using Turbomed’s articulated orthosis is advisable since the level of firmness is adjustable. With the right setting, our orthotics will give your child all the support they need.

Type 3: A rigid AFO orthotic

A rigid orthotic has only one shape. It is highly popular because it lets the child keep their foot in a pre-set position for treatment. This is the orthotic recommended for the most serious cases. However, because the child’s foot remains fixed, this brace is the least comfortable to wear. This helps the child sit and stand but will not help them approximate regular life.

Turbomed’s articulated orthosis is the answer to this problem. With the extension stopper that can be added to our AFO orthotics, stiffness can be controlled, and use will be easier.

Type 4: A ground reaction orthotic

The ground reaction brace has a rigid internal wall. It is recommended to stabilize the knee by creating knee extension in the support phase. Still, this orthotic has a limited range of action. It is not effective for several problems related to cases for which it is recommended. That’s why it always needs to be modified.

Turbomed’s cerebral palsy AFO brace allows you to address this issue by providing you with an orthotic that will evolve with your child’s condition. All problems related to cerebral palsy can then be treated by modifications to this device instead of having to buy a new one.

What Turbomed solution is for managing cerebral palsy?

Finding a highly durable orthotic

Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes deformities that can last a lifetime. This is why the AFO orthotic used to assist the child in treatment or rehabilitation must be quite resistant. The child should easily get used to it with extended use.

Turbomed Orthotics is an expert in the production and distribution of cerebral palsy AFO braces with excellent features. Our orthotics have been tested in all the harshest conditions; they are made of thermoplastic material and come with a two-year warranty. Rest assured that your child’s brace will stand the test of time.

Find an easy-to-use orthotic

To manage cerebral palsy, children with the condition must wear their orthotics at all times until full recovery. This means that they will have a hard time with orthotics that constantly bother them. And remember, most orthotics require special shoes.

Turbomed Orthotics offers AFO splints that can easily be attached to the outside of any shoe and will adapt to any physical activity your child may do. Instead of feeling embarrassed among their peers, your child will have constant support from our orthotics and feel more confident. No matter what physical activity they do, our orthotics are the answer.

Finding an orthotic for any user

Cerebral palsy can affect any child, regardless of their profile. Moreover, each case may manifest differently, and each patient may receive a different diagnosis. Since every case of cerebral palsy is different, it can be hard to find the AFO orthotic that will work specifically for your child.

Turbomed offers solutions to this problem. Our cerebral palsy AFO braces are suitable for any way this disease may manifest. Regardless of your child’s profile, size, shoe size, the foot affected, or the condition’s severity, we will oversee the entire measurement and testing process to make sure they are satisfied with our AFO orthotics.

Finding an orthotic that grows with your child

Cerebral palsy affects some children before birth. Onset may occur in early childhood. Once the condition manifests, your child’s symptoms may become more complex or improve over time, depending on treatment and rehabilitation. This is why wearing AFO braces can be difficult.

Turbomed Orthotics offers a solution to prevent incessant changes in orthotics. With our adaptable, scalable orthotics, your child will be able to settle on a single orthotic for the duration of their treatment. This orthotic will grow with them, and they will get used to it with ease.

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