AFO Replacement parts, AFO Pads & Orthopaedic Velcro straps that will improve your daily life.

Our AFO replacement parts, AFO pads & orthopaedic velcro straps are designed to improve your daily life. With its eye-pleasing look, we conceived the design for our range of AFO replacement parts & options, including the AFO pad & AFO velcro strap, lace click shoe attachment, extension stopper kit, and ankle stabilization foot drop strap so that they are easy to use.

Our AFO pads & AFO velcro straps for orthotics

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Frequently Asked Questions

AFO padding that is comfortable and practical

Because your skin deserves our full attention, we’ve designed this AFO padding that won’t irritate your skin but will instead envelop it so well that you will forget you’re even wearing it. Our AFO padding is specially designed to be comfortable to wear and to facilitate your movements with its lightness.

We created this AFO padding so that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and solid. It works effectively to let your muscles breathe and your blood circulate freely during your physical activities, thus preventing any accidents or inflammation.

Orthopaedic velcro straps that are durable and reliable

To design our orthopaedic velcro straps, we opted for the best technology available, thanks to these velcro straps whose reliability augments your device’s safety and lets you maintain a safe, reliable posture.

Its ease of use is another undeniable advantage for your user experience. You simply have to pull the strap and fold it over to fasten your device, which will be held in place effectively with the Velcro closure system.

If you want to shorten the length of the orthopaedic velcro straps, whether for looks or optimal comfort, simply use a pair of scissors and voila.

AFO replacement straps, efficient and affordable

Intensive use of the AFO may, after a long period, lead to decreased effectiveness of the orthotics’ straps. Changes in your morphology may also necessitate adjusting your braces.

For these practical situations, we offer AFO replacement straps, which are designed to replace old straps easily and thus keep you from losing the benefits of your AFO.

With our AFO replacement straps, you will save money since you won’t need to replace your entire AFO. In addition, you can install your new velcro straps on your device yourself.

Optimizing our velcro straps for leg braces

If you are familiar with AFOs, you know that prolonged use can mean several readjustments of your device over the course of the day. With our velcro straps for leg braces you will no longer have to worry about this because they are specifically designed to keep your device in the same position all day.

Once our velcro straps for leg braces are attached, ensuring your comfort on the go, your device will stay in position throughout the day, offering you combined lasting comfort and safety.

Our ankle stabilization foot drop strap gives you guaranteed

Support and safety go hand in hand. Our foot drop strap improves your ankle’s stability while on the go, keeping you from making unsuitable movements and injuring yourself while also training your foot to stay in a good position to strengthen your muscles in the long-term.