A paediatric AFO brace, which is useful for treating many conditions related to the foot and ankle, allows children to find stability in walking and freedom of movement appropriate for their age, considering their development and growth.

How a paediatric AFO works

Like the adult model, an AFO for children is a smaller device that attaches to the shoe and surrounds your child’s lower limb to help carry weight or correct their posture.

Choosing the paediatric AFO that is right for my child

Before choosing the most suitable paediatric AFO, you must first get instructions by consulting a doctor. A medical professional is the best person to determine whether your child will benefit from such a device. 

If you receive such a diagnosis, you will then go to an orthotist, who will study your child’s condition. Based on a list of criteria, they will assess whether your child can use a standard paediatric AFO or whether creating a custom model is needed for positive results.

If a custom-made model is prescribed, your child’s foot and ankle will be moulded to create their future AFO. A fitting and readjustments will follow to ensure the device’s effectiveness and your child’s comfort.

As soon as your child has paediatric braces made to measure and personalized for their needs, they will have to learn how the device works and how to wear it. Once they have clothes that are suitable for wearing the AFO, have them wear it progressively more, and you will increase the likelihood that they will wear it regularly.

To do so, it is easiest to make them wear the device a few hours each day at different key times so that they develop routines that make sense to them. Then, you can gradually increase the length of time and frequency with which your child will wear it. This way, they will naturally get used to wearing it and will feel the positive difference it makes.

Where to get a paediatric AFO brace designed for your child