Different from conventional orthotics, the Dorsiflexion Assist AFO can be worn externally for optimal support and improved comfort. This way, the Dorsiflexion Assist AFO promotes good flexion and allows you to regain not only a balanced walk, but also your physical and professional activities. Thus, the innovative Dorsiflexion Assist AFO guarantees daily life free from chronic pain and extra effort.

Improve your movements with a Dorsiflexion Assist AFO

Choosing a Dorsiflexion Assist AFO for daily use for foot drop or dorsiflexion weakness will improve your life. The Dorsiflexion Assist AFO actually allows you to resume daily activities and to resume work and social life without pain, thanks to better support, optimal flexion and ease of use.

The Dorsiflexion Assist AFO is a treatment for everyone

The Dorsiflexion Assist AFO can be used regardless of your age. It is also suitable for young children because it adjusts to their growth and evolution, thanks to its quality parts and simple adjustment.

It is also durable and easy to fit your size, shape and physical changes with its innovative manufacturing process and quality materials.

In addition to cases of drop foot, the Dorsiflexion Assist AFO is recommended for cases of injury to the sciatic nerve, multiple sclerosis, for weakness in dorsiflexion and other diseases that impact your ability to use your foot normally.

The Dorsiflexion Assist AFO Xtern is the result of continuous testing and trials