Effect on hemiplegic cerebral palsy

Hemiplegic cerebral palsy is a form of paralysis that affects either the left or the right side of the body. It can be caused by brain damage that may result from a stroke (CVA) or a congenital malformation. As a result of this pathology, children have difficulty moving, and using an orthotic becomes necessary, especially to achieve a symmetrical gait and a fuller stride.

According to the studies, the child will therefore need less effort to walk with an orthotic. Using an AFO brace for cerebral palsy can also affect the child’s self-esteem. Noting their rapid improvement, a child with hemiplegia will have more confidence in their abilities. For these reasons, wearing AFO braces for cerebral palsy is essential.

Usefulness for mixed cohorts’ cerebral palsy

Patients may have both hemiplegic and diplegic cerebral palsy. These mixed cohorts entail the most advanced cases of the disease. In these cases, using orthotics may also be beneficial. According to studies performed, the primary positive data is the improvement in the Range of Motion (ROM) of the affected knee. This improvement makes children more comfortable with their gait and posture.

Using an AFO brace for cerebral palsy that fits the child’s condition exactly is necessary for best results. Choosing our custom AFO orthotics will increase your child’s opportunities in pursuing life.