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Foot drop orthotic brace that last: AFO device to live a normal life

Foot drop is a condition that causes postural and movement difficulties. To correct this problem and get back to life as usual, count on foot drop orthotics braces that last. Simply contact us, and you'll have the right ankle foot orthotics for your needs.

Leader of the custom AFO brace manufacturers

TurboMed is a specialist in foot drop orthotics braces. To get back to life as usual as fast as possible, you must choose the best AFO brace. Among our wide range of options and sizes for your foot drop brace, you can easily find the perfect fit for your symptoms, optimizing your comfort and ease of motion.

Foot drop brace for walking and running

By choosing a custom-made AFO brace, you will be good as new in terms of your normal abilities in a short time. You will be able to walk as well as run, and with less effort. Fill out a request and get all the details about your next foot drop brace for walking and running.

Find the foot drop brace that you need

Foot drop can be corrected with AFO orthotics. Unless you're a professional, it is hard to find the right one. That's why we offer you one of the best solutions to address your condition. TurboMed will help you find the foot drop brace that you need.

What makes our product the best drop foot brace on the market?

Foot drop is a real limitation for whoever has the disease. As such, experts recommend a rehabilitation program with an AFO brace for foot drop. Trust in us to help you find the orthotic that will absolutely be right for you.

Our lead designer actually suffers from foot drop. Faced with this disability, the engineer, who specializes in mechanical design, has delved into research. That was how he found the orthotic that guaranteed he could get back to normal quickly.

He then decided to dedicate his professional life to supporting everyone suffering from foot drop, just like he has. That's why we can guarantee our product is the best foot drop brace on the market.

Foot braces for foot drop (AFO) with high-quality standards

Foot drop is a condition with several symptoms. The commonality of all its manifestations is a postural problem and difficulty achieving a fluid, easy gait. Our foot brace for foot drop will correct your problems.

Our orthotic are actually durable and reliable. To ensure the effectiveness of our product, we've tested all of them in every imaginable condition. You can wear them for ordinary uses as well as the most demanding ones.

Our foot brace for foot drop (AFO) with high-quality standards will also adapt perfectly to most difficulties you have in rehabilitation. With our orthotics, more than 75% of our customers, will regain normal use of their legs in a short time.

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Our ankle foot orthotic brace will give you back your mobility

Foot drop causes complications involving posture and movement. Our ankle foot orthosis brace will give you back your mobility. By using our orthotic, you can find ease in getting around, and in the long run, you will regain mobility.

To do so, you need an ankle foot orthotic that can support your muscles and provide you with the comfort you need to get around hassle-free. With less pain, you will have more confidence and endurance, and you'll get positive results even faster.

In addition to giving you full use of your legs in all situations, our orthotic may prevent any risk of deformity and muscle fatigue related to the disease. This may reduce the possibility of your condition deteriorating.

Frequently asked questions

Foot drop splint with all the advantages of carbon braces

Foot drop may require long term use of AFOs. To this end, you should choose an orthotic that will stand the test of time and the different ways you will use it. That's why we offer our foot drop splint with all the advantages of carbon braces, but made from top quality plastic.

The XTERN solution we offer is made of highly resistant thermoplastic. With our orthotic, you will be able to do whatever intensive activity you want without worrying about the condition of your splint, as it's made of durable material.

An ankle brace running with you: spring-loaded AFO

Foot drop limits what you can do. If you select a low-quality orthotic, your movement will always be limited. Some quality orthotics have the same limitations. That's why we offer an ankle brace running with you.

Our spring-loaded AFO is a multi-axial articulated orthotic that facilitates movements, from the simplest ones to the most complex. This orthotic makes any activity possible. You can indeed be sure that your orthotic will be able to follow you, no matter what terrains your legs set out to cross.

Our AFOs can maintain muscle flexibility

As the name implies, foot drop involves the toes always pointing to the ground. This makes it difficult to get around. To get around this problem, some people lift their legs much higher than usual. This takes more effort and strains their muscles. This is also the case with wearing fixed AFOs.

Using our flexible multi-axial foot brace for foot drop, your leg can rest. Our orthotic also provide sufficient support to stretch muscles and maintain flexibility. You can reduce the energy you expend on getting around as needed and reinvest it in physical conditioning for your movements.

What do you know about the AFO medical braces and knee brace orthotics?

Foot drop does not always manifest the same way for all patients. As the causes of this condition vary, the disorder may be chronic or acute. Depending on the symptoms of your condition, you may need additional follow-up to the AFO medical brace and knee brace orthotics.

Medical brace with electronic devices

In some severe cases of foot drop, doctors recommend new electronic devices, such as electrotherapy. This includes a rehabilitation program using a medical brace with electronic devices. This neuroprosthetic device electrically stimulates the nerves controlling the dorsiflexion muscles affected. This will allow you to improve faster.

Medical AFO with surgery

In the most serious cases of foot drop, the nerve may be damaged. Using orthotics will not be sufficient. Then, wearing a medical AFO with surgery may be required. Before and after surgery, our AFO brace for foot drop will help you handle your condition without an ordeal.

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Foot splint for foot drop to move as you want

Foot drop splint with springs for walking and running

Foot drop has underlying causes and prevents you from getting around properly. Due to the resulting discomfort and stability problems for your foot and ankle, this condition keeps you from walking or running without the help of an AFO brace.

By using the XTERN, you'll get a foot drop splint with a flexible spring for walking and running. The springs in our articulated brace will allow you to let your muscles work normally. It attaches outside of your shoe and offers more freedom of movement without the slightest exhaustion or pain from pressure.

Perfect for uneven land

Foot drop causes misalignment of the feet. Because the toes point down, you have more difficulty navigating uneven terrain. Most AFO orthotics often cannot solve this problem. Even only walking on flat terrain with those rigid AFO may be challenging.

Choosing our multi-axial flexible AFO, will provide ease of movement, no matter where you are. The XTERN also offers the advantage of attaching to the outside of your shoes, behaving like an exoskeleton. By fitting it to your shoes and boots you will feel like you have a real replacement for your leg, which is perfect for uneven land.

Your ankle brace for workboots

To make up for the weakness in a leg affected by foot drop, it is advisable to use ankle foot orthotic. However, most orthotics on the market are incompatible with regular footwear. In these cases, you always have to choose oversized footwear or orthopaedic shoes designed for your orthotic.

Fortunately, our orthotic fits almost all types of shoes perfectly, from regular styles to sportswear. Not only that, but it will also serve as an ankle brace for work boots, as it's compatible with steel-toe boots, winter boots, and even sandals.

Foot drop splint with spring for all sports

Foot drop can affect children and adults alike, regardless of their occupations. This condition can even affect top athletes. If you play a sport that puts a lot of stress on your legs, it will be hard getting back to it without the right orthotic. In this case, TurboMed is an outstanding option to get your performance back.

Our orthotic has been put to the test for both speed and endurance sports. You can easily do activities as strenuous as climbing and triathlons. With the help of our orthotic, your legs will support you completely.

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