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Do gait and balance issues keep you from walking properly? Do you find yourself tripping over yourself more often than not? FS 3000 can help! More Info

Playing Sports

Are you an active individual or an athlete that has been stricken with drop foot never to run again? Have no fear– FS 3000 can help! More Info

Get Back To Work

Do you fear losing your job because your drop foot makes it difficult for you to do your work? Fear no more! The FS 3000 can help! More Info



This external foot drop brace will allow running, walking, hiking in mountain as long and as far as you want without any discomforts. This ankle foot orthosis (AFO), was tested in many conditions, during many marathons, triathlons, endurance activities and adventures in the wild Canadian backcountry. Unlike conventional foot drop brace, it can be fit on high hiking footwear, winter or safety boots.


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If you’re ready to take your life back…If you’re tired of being a slave to your foot drop, then let us help make you whole again!



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Monday-Friday 9h30->16h00


Main Email: info@turbomedorthotics.com
François’ Email: fcote@turbomedorthotics.com
Stephane’s Email: ssavard@turbomedorthotics.com


Main Phone: 001-888-778-8726
François’ Phone: 001-581-309-5472
Stephane’s Phone: 001-418-563-8675


240 Sydney (Suite 101)
St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC

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FS3000 Suggested L-Codes*: L-1951 & L-2820
L-1951: Ankle foot orthosis, spiral, (institute of rehabilitative medicine type), plastic or other material, prefabricated, includes fitting and adjustment
L-2820: Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft interface for molded plastic, below knee section
*Suggested L-Codes are provided as a reference only. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to confirm this information.

Turbomed Orthotics (and any of its respective directors, officers, agents, contractors, interns, suppliers andemployees) will not be liable for any damages, losses or causes of action of any nature arising from any use of any of the informations or the provision of these above informations. It should be noted that, regardless of the source of coding information and guidelines, the final responsibility for correct coding, within all established laws, rules, standards, and practices is the sole responsibility of the facility and/or person who is submitting the claim.
Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License No 6354 Class I – CE Class I Medical Device – FDA Registration No: 3011816892 – Medical Device Listing no: D246429 - U.S. Patent No.8529484 – Canadian Patent 2692534 – Patent pending in Europe & other countries.


The Turbomed Foot Drop Club

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Shannon and a few friends will be happy...The new improved Velcro STRAPS have arrived, this morning!!! You can now start ordering them at info@turbomedorthotics.com Price is 40$...

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Tools for Beasting Turbomed, ab slide, (heavy bag not pictured)...#garage warfare before work!! Only way to start a Monday!! ... See MoreSee Less

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I have been living with footdrop for about 6 years. It came on very suddenly and inconveniently! However, having discovered the Turbomed brace almost 4 years ago(?) the life I had been used to was almost fully restored. I have continued to enjoy walking,surfing etc. A few months ago I started to experience an uncomfortable sensation of resistance in my footdrop leg when wearing my brace all day at work, as if I needed to shake it off and stretch. Then one morning when I walked to the kitchen to make my morning cuppa I suddenly realised that I hadn't stubbed my toe or thought about walking.
Over the next week, I experimented with walking without my brace. It was as if my brain new what to do again without needing a reminder or support. I have walked, cycled, surfed and climbed stairs with ease, ever since.
I do not have a definitive reason for the initial onset of my condition or for its passing, but I would like to thank the Turbo med team and all of you for your inspiring posts and community spirit. I don't believe my body/mind would have been able to achieve this without the help of Turbo med and friends!
Thank you 😊
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